Project management

How we help clients with project management

Minimizing risk

Helping you find the solutions for your organization that achieve the most effective outcome while lessening your risk

Maximizing value

Identifying and implementing the changes that will add the most value to your organization

Cost effectiveness

Achieving the greatest impact while lessening your costs

Working in partnership

As one team, we’ll work together to deliver your project and achieve your ideal outcome

Knowledge sharing

During the project we’ll develop empirical knowledge and capture learnings that your organization can use in the future


Realized a 55% increase in on-time performance, reduced employee turnover, and realized cost savings of over $8MM by designing and implementing a program management office and new project management methodologies for a $2.4B pharmaceutical company’s IT department.



Spearheaded development of the program management office, defined project management processes related to requirements management, change control, and user acceptance testing. Contributed to an annual 12% sales increase, 50% net profit increase, and 25% operating expenses decrease. Within three months of implementation, completed projects at least 20% (and in some cases, 80%) faster than before and with the capacity to complete more projects with the same resources.


Achieve your ideal outcome on-time and on-budget, utilizing effective project management that aligns with your business strategy.

Any project, large or small, comes with its challenges and uncertainties. In order to achieve your ideal outcome, you need a robust project plan coupled with effective project execution. You don’t need perfection before results can be improved – changing a few small elements at a time often drastically improves results. For example, our planning process exposes resource limitations, and eliminating these limitations quickly reduces the high cost of multi-tasking. This alone can cut project time by up to 40%.

We specialize in building multi-project portfolios which significantly improve flow, provide feedback for controlling the level of work in process, and signal the start dates for new projects. New portfolio indicators remove complexity and provide a mechanism for determining when to take action and when not to.

We emphasize project progress, not task progress. Our projects are managed like a relay race, passing the baton smoothly around the track. We help synchronize hand-offs between resources and highlight where delays may occur.

When software is required, we institutionalize an integrated management system that provides structure, the opportunity for effective decision-making, and automates routine tasks and workflows.

At Arvense Group, our experienced project management experts work with you as partners to realize your project, meeting your specific requirements with innovative, flexible solutions that deliver the right resources and outcomes – on time, on budget, and exceeding your quality expectations.

Why work with Arvense Group

  • We are focused on helping our clients become the world’s best engineering and manufacturing companies
  • Our lack of bureaucracy means we have an empowered team who can make decisions quickly
  • We have a results-driven culture willing to do what it takes to get the job done