Strategy & planning

How we help clients create successful strategies and implement robust plans

Engagement is crucial

We’ll help you involve all stakeholders in the strategic planning process, communicating the relevant tactics and assumptions behind each decision

Data-driven strategic and tactical decisions

Providing helpful insights and direction for generating additional value from your business

Moving you outside your comfort zone

Clarifying your company’s vision and encouraging you to make strong, confident decisions to identify new ways in which to grow and drive your organization past your competitors

Working as one team

Together we’ll create a strategy, translate it into actions, get buy-in from your teams, allocate resources and implement the plan to achieve successful, long-term results

Monitoring and support

We’ll coach and handover to your team the execution guidelines, clear priorities, and tangible metrics, and we’ll track progress towards the overall objectives

Create innovative strategies and implement robust plans that drive growth and profitability

Approaches to strategy and planning are evolving due to innovations in technology, globalization, economic ties, and increasingly frequent changes in leadership. The most successful strategies and plans must now be able to adapt to and thrive in this new world in order for organizations to reach their full potential.

An innovative, creative strategy should guide your entire organization towards one goal – achieving long-term, sustainable growth. Each of your employees should be able to give voice to your strategy, using it as a guiding principle in everything from small tasks to large projects.

Our strategy recommendations include setting the objective and logical strategy/tactic pairs which guide the various levels of your organization. The best strategic plans include key assumptions for checking the tactics will achieve the objective, why the tactics are necessary, and the details required to ensure organizational alignment.

We validate these assumptions with you and develop an implementation plan to help guide your transformation. This means only the required solutions are implemented, and they’re implemented in the correct sequence. We also look for negative effects of, and potential obstacles to reaching your objective.

Every great strategy needs a strong focus, tangible actions and committed owners. A lot of strategies fail because they are too broad, lack detail, and have no one committed to driving them forward. We’ll help you create a strategy with a focus that means you can outperform your competitors, maximize profitability and drive business growth. We’ll also work collaboratively with you on the plan and implementation of your new strategy.


Increased the number of orders shipped

Learn how we Increased the number of orders shipped to the highest levels in the company’s 100-year history — an increase of 21% – 56% from previous 3 years. The company’s market share increased by 46%, as reported by an independent industry group.


Why work with Arvense Group

  • Our seasoned team of world-class consultants and industry experts listen, observe and deliver results
  • We are focused on helping our clients become the world’s best engineering and manufacturing companies
  • Our lack of bureaucracy means we have an empowered team who can make decisions quickly
  • We have a results-driven culture willing to do what it takes to get the job done
  • We have worked with some of the world’s largest public and privately held companies